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Kopi Luwak Indonesia which is one of the natural wild luwak coffee that we collect directly from Arabica Coffee plantations in Lampung, Sumatra Island, Indonesia. We deal directly with coffee farmers in the field, our own work carefully start of collecting, selecting and processing strictly in accordance with SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Our company so that we maintain good quality of the authenticity of our beans.

We had a good reputation, and believed the buyer of the quality and authenticity of our products, our years of focus and work in the coffee business in a professional Luwak Coffee, supported by an in-depth skills and knowledge to create and generating the highest quality "Kopi Luwak Coffee" as "Best World Coffee Most Expensive Coffee In The World". Our specialization is the best in their field Luwak Coffee.

Here the genuine, rare and unique civet coffee ground from Indonesia, as follows:

1. Kopi Luwak Arabica
2. Kopi Luwak Robusta

Recently, we already sell our civet coffee to Netherlands and Sweden Now, we are going to spread our market reach more to all