About Civet Coffee

Civet Coffee Online was established in 2009 as a micro-roasting company focusing on the glorious array of wonderful Arabica & Robusta Kopi Luwak coffees that are available in the Indonesian archipelago . We felt that our initial clientele, the coffee connoisseurs of Indonesia, were missing out on the best bean in the world….. their own!

To roast the most expensive coffee beans we searched the world for a rotary roaster that would allow us to control every stage of the process. Many modern machines are controlled by computer processors, but like fine wine-making, roasting requires the roast master to be able to add his own personal touch to the process. Our machine is a classic drum roaster from Hawaii. It was used by a highland estate to roast Hawaiian Kona coffee cherries before we purchased, renovated and shipped her to Indonesia.

Our passion for Kopi Luwak coffee has taken us all over the archipelago in search of the best and most flavorsome cherries. From North Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi (Celebes) and across to Irian Jaya (Papua), we have and continue to visit our partners on a regular basis.

Our company philosophy is to encourage economic and social development of our partner communities through fair and equitable trade.