01. Do all Kopi Luwak taste the same?

Not at all! Is very important to know from which area the Kopi Luwak comes from. Luwaks eat the coffee from the plantations near their habitats. So you can find Robusta Kopi Luwak or Arabica Kopi Luwak. The best coffee will be the one collected from the good quality Arabica coffee plantations. Let’s say that Sumatran Kopi Luwak is different than the Balinese one because the Arabica beans coffee from where they are made, also taste different.

02. The consumption of Kopi Luwak is safe for humans?

All scientific analysis confirm that Kopi Luwak is not dangerous for health. Due to the thorough washing process, the quantity of pathogen organisms in the beans is insignificant. Whatever the washing process misses the roasting and brewing process will make up for.

03. How long does Kopi Luwak last once roasted?

Like all coffees, roasted Kopi Luwak beans are considered fresh for about four to eight weeks. Once ground, they begin the rapid deterioration process that leaves them stale within days.

04. How do I store my coffee?

Light, moisture, heat and oxygen are the primary enemies of coffee freshness, so it’s best to keep your beans in an opaque air-tight container. Glass jars with rubber seals also work well if they’re kept out of direct sunlight. Grind only the necessary coffee for a maximum of 4 to 7 days.

05. Why is Kopi Luwak so expensive?

The estimated world annual production of Kopi Luwak is only 700 Kg. (about 1.400 Lbs.) That’s why it reaches such high prices.

06. Where to buy Kopi Luwak?

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