History Kopi Luwak

The History behind the World’s Most Expensive Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. There are a lot of people who loved to drink coffees no matter that they are the coffee lovers who experts in coffee or not. Even if someone who doesn’t like to drink coffee, kopi luwak is not something he doesn’t know. This is a kind of coffee that being sold in the very expensive price as it is rare and considered to have the bet taste of coffee. Some people might be interested in how this kind of coffee made it to the market and how did it found. There are people who asking about the history of kopi luwak.

The History of Kopi Luwak

The kopi luwak’s origin is most likely connected to the beginning of the coffee production history in Indonesia. The history of kopi luwak began a long time ago in the early of the 18th century the Dutch established plantation on the islands of Java and Sumatra those known as the parts of the Dutch East Indies. The coffee trees were planted in the plantations including the Yemen introduced coffee, Arabica. During 1830-1870 which had known as the era of cultuurstelsel or the era of colonization, the Europeans saw the other nations as the nations with the lower degree than themselves. The Europeans wanted to rob away the richness of natural resources.

The coffee cherries those planted on the plantations were plenty and the Dutch didn’t allow the native farmers to take the coffee cherries for their own use. But the native farmers were curious and wanted to taste the coffee cherries they planted and harvested, the famous coffee beverage they have never tasted before. And so in the history of kopi luwak, the natives learned that luwak consumed the coffee cherries as well but the coffee cherries seemed to be in shape. So the farmers collected these undigested coffee cherries, cleaned, roasted and ground the coffee and made their own coffee beverages.

However, the taste of the coffee was beyond their imagination. The coffee beverages they made were smell so good. The aromatic of civet coffee or kopi luwak spread amongst the locals to the owners of the Dutch plantations and soon the coffee becomes their favorite. Even at that colonial time, kopi luwak sold in the high price. And that is the history of kopi luwak. Nowadays, kopi luwak still being sold in the high price and there is chance of the price to get even higher.

The process of kopi luwak itself known to be unusual but its unusual process is what makes kopi luwak very expensive. Kopi luwak was found out of curiosity of the local farmers and as many people see that what happened in the history of kopi luwak was all thanks to the curiosity of the local farmers towards the baverages called coffee. Kopi luwak or civet coffee continues to be the aromatic coffee with the heavier unique taste that will be searched by the coffee lovers no matter how expensive the coffee is.