Conditions of Us


1. All the product shown in the web site of Civet Coffee Online are original product produced and processed from  Civet Coffee Online plantation and office in Indonesia.
2. All the process are hand-made which guarantee the best outcome possible made by Civet Coffee Online.
3. Should we happen not to be able to offer any of the product shown in the web site of Civet Coffee Online, we will notify in the product with sold out mark.


1. As soon as you place an order, you will receive an email confirmation contains detail of your order.
2. Orders will remain pending until we receive confirmation regarding the payment.


1. All the payment in Indonesia is mainly done via bank transfer with detail of the bank account provide d in the order confirmation email.
2. All order will remain unprocessed until receipt of payment in our bank account provided in the order confirmation email.
3. All the price  of the products shown in the web site of Civet Coffee Online is exclusive shipping cost.


1. After receipt of payment, all order will be processed within 2-3 days until it is ready for shipment.
2. Prior to shipment, a confirmation email will be sent to customer.
3. Civet Coffee Online uses standard national and international shipment provider with its associated prices, which means that Civet Coffee Online does not, in any mean, guarantee the precise shipping time after leaving our office in Indonesia. Civet Coffee Online relies only on the shipping time information made public by the providers.
4. Civet Coffee Online does not responsible of any taxes and or custom in destination country caused. It is solely the responsible of the customer.
5. Should customers need any customized shipping method, Civet Coffee Online will be pleased to be of assistance for the arrangement.